Visualising Voice


Visualising Voice was a part of a one day project for my early development as part of my MA. The project was hosted by Bunny Schendler. Bunny had given us all a piece of audio by which we would then edit into a ‘soundscape’ then we would listen to the audio and draw what we can hear as a group. Finally, we collected everyone’s drawings and made them available to edit onto a video timeline to accompany the original tracks. 

It was a very tough workshop, at first I didn’t like the set up as it was very different to what we was used to before. However, regardless of it being a successful means to approach story boarding as an alternative. The workshop did prove that sometime the creation of the audio should come first, with the visuals as an accompaniment. It also opened up ways to approach story boarding more freely. (or at least, just start putting images on that timeline!)

The draw back i felt, was the fact the images came out very literal or stagnant, it needed a more creative approach to fix these during the editing stages.

I really loved this outcome, the audio of the old boys and the way I intersected the audio.

This project is fully resolved. However, I would love to create more of these in future.