Pitt Rivers museum – An exploration


To explore the space of the Pitt Rivers museum, collecting footage, drawings, sounds and ‘thoughts’ then express with a definitive film and a written piece.

Anthropological knick-knacks, historical stuff, items given or sold to be labelled as discovered.  What are we seeing through the context of the whole?

What value can we find by looking through?

When introduced to the collection, what caught my attention was the idea of worth. Not of currency, but the worth in belief through the objects.

To many cultures who’s history is now kept in the museum, the value is “of a connected heritage”, to an object which represents the remnants of a linked identity.

The belief of their values and the connections they hold to the past.

A great deal of care has gone into all the objects in the Museums collection which at the face of it, doesn’t age. The museum itself is in a delicate position. The value they see is anthropological, educational, categorical, preservation, archival and restorative.

A belief in preserving the threatened past behind locked glass.

Protesters see an immediate ugly connection, they believe the museum has had a hand in the ‘threatening’ , an ouroboros and awkward thing to disprove.

However, whilst protesters are fraught with the past, curators are diligent and focused on the present. Opening it’s doors to the here and now, that is a truth beyond belief.

Another truth, Pitt Rivers museum works with cultures their objects are connected to, to bridge the gabs between the values.

04/08/17 – The status of this project is unresolved – Pitt Rivers museum hasn’t signed off on the final film for me to be able to show you. 

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