Genozo is the online media platform & portfolio for Thomas A. Coleman; an animator & artist studying at the RCA 2016 – 2018. Focusing on Documentary methodology.

Genozo publishes Thomas’s progress, outcomes, projects, ideas, opinions and research. Thomas’ artistic practise focuses on translations of ‘truth’ how we might understand and approach them. This includes looking at belief as a concept, but also how myth, stories, ideology, theology and political narratives impact us.

Thomas’s work takes the form of experimenting the animated conversion of ideas or objects from one form into another. Either in the form of an essay film, or something more abstract, to encourage dialogue and engagement.


Work in progress

Current news
Thomas is studying at the Royal Collage of Art, working on his dissertation about Brexit and it’s narrative design during the campaign.

Thomas is also working on his first year film in partnership with the Wellcome Collection. This project focuses on The Zodiacman concept from Medieval England & what it attempts to do.