1. a religious discourse which is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction.synonyms:sermon, lecture, discourse, address, lesson, talk, speech, oration,declamation; More
  2. a tedious moralizing lecture.“she delivered her homily about the need for patience”

War Horse – House of Illustration competition

Layout 1

Book Cover Design – with bleed

After reading the book, and seeing the National theatre production of War horse, I really wanted to play with the idea of Joey’s perspective. Joey is the main protagonist in the book, the story is written from his perspective and he’s a horse. The images had to reflect all of these aspects. And really, I think the author Michael Morpurgo, wrote it as a means to express the perspective of a ‘child like’ character being thrust into world war one.

I really enjoyed creating these images, and I still stand by my decisions for the image thought and process.

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– 1948 –

April 1948, The House of Lords rejects a proposal by the ruling  Labour government, to abolish capital punishment in Britain for five years. Sir John Simon explains his reasoning for the continuation of the death penalty.

Based on authentic newsreel of the period, ‘1948’ explores the history of British capital punishment, through real case documents, real people and genuine dialogue.