Harley Quinn

Mix between a life drawing study and some Harley Quinn fan art, because why not? I do love the costume design for the new Suicide Squad film. Can't wait to see it.


I've been accepted onto the new MA: Documentary Animation course at the Royal Collage of Art. I honestly cannot wait, it's pretty daunting, but it's going to be amazing. First unit is focused on experimenting in animation workshops, with our...

QNAP Awards 2016

Motion graphics animation for the QNAP Best Start up Awards. 2016 This is the English version of the motion graphics animation for QNAP, a server and digital storage developer. Official website This animation is used to promote their awards. More...
I wanted to make a quick point about my political opinion of the future (especially after Boris and Osborne spoke today). The text and image is a update of a piece originally published Pocket Series, Spectacular Times.
I have always been a euro-sceptic, but the current referendum made me appreciate the institute of the EU far more then I would have liked. The EU is a force for good in it’s own way, creating stability and funding...
I’ve been following this referendum since it started and It’s been incredibly interesting. I’ve realised the EU has been horrifically romanticised by people who want to remain. ‘Remainers’ have applied the work of the UN, WFP, UNHCR, G7, G20,...
The world above, the visible world. A layout test for animation style.


  Homilyˈhɒmɪli/ noun a religious discourse which is intended primarily for spiritual edification rather than doctrinal instruction.synonyms:sermon, lecture, discourse, address, lesson, talk, speech, oration,declamation; More a tedious moralizing lecture.“she delivered her homily about the need for patience”
Been taking life drawing classes for a year now, Here is some of the results.