Pitt Rivers museum – An exploration

To explore the space of the Pitt Rivers museum, collecting footage, drawings, sounds and 'thoughts' then express with a definitive film and a written piece. Anthropological knick-knacks, historical stuff, items given or sold to be labelled as discovered.  What are we seeing through the context of the whole? What value can we find by looking through? [vimeo 195612460 w=640 h=360] When introduced to the collection,...

Dalston horticultural society

An unedited approach to capturing. The essence to record the act of looking, documentary as perception itself. What is Narrative? [vimeo 195613984 w=640 h=360] A silent observation of Dalston, Hackney (London) I couldn't help but feel, amongst the greenery breaking through the urban industrial society, a horticultural revolution  was silently and unknowingly happening. Ambiant SoundTrack

Edit the Archive

[vimeo 195615513 w=640 h=360]

Visualising Voice

[vimeo 195617593 w=640 h=360]