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    • 14 Aug 2014

      Style and progress

      I’ve been very busy recently with freelance work, but it’s also been a great period of reflection, since last September, i’ve really pushed my drawing skills over my animation, attempting to find a style or accomplish the same level of quality as some of my favourite artists. However, I have now realised that I’ve been trying WAAAY to hard. Well over half my drawings go in the bin, the rest are half finished.

      From now on I’m going to draw what I can ‘comfortably achieve’, set realistic standard for myself and just enjoy what I can do. Hopefully by Christmas, I will receive a lot more followers, fans and commissions then I ever have thus far. For Genozo.com, I’m going to move away from a strictly professional outlet, to a more multi-purpose blog, which it should be! but I worry too much over it.

      I’ve really enjoyed creating some freelance work (and getting paid) and it’s a shame I cannot show the work I’ve done to you all. I am however still working on Phlegmatic, Yards of Rope and another project based on HP lovecrafts “Pickmans Model”

      Love you all,

      Thomas Coleman

    • junkyard6
      17 Feb 2014

      Interview with Director Hisko Hulsing

      I recently did an interview with Dutch Animator and director Hisko Hulsing over at Skwigly – You can check it out here. 

      I love Dutch animation and not only was I lucky enough to interview Hisko, I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2011 at Bradford Animation Festival, where I first watched Junkyard. He’s a lovely guy, who’s very passionate about Amsterdam, art and animation. His answers are very insightful and he’s a great inspiration.

    • 22 Nov 2013

      Interviewing Dave Mckean

      I’m a massive fan of Dave Mckean, the renowned illustrator, film-maker, comic artist and jazz musician. I was lucky enough to interview him for Skwigly, picking his brain and asking his advice for ‘staying true’ to art.

      Although he confessed to not being an animator, his art in film often turns to animation to get his distinct style across, in the realistic format of film. He spoke of his love for the Brothers Quay, an influence of mine.  More importantly he spoke of not boxing yourself into a single art style and format. Something I whole heartily agree and try to emulate in my own motion graphic storytelling.

      Anyways, you can listen to the interview yourself right here.

      Dave Mckean was a loverly chap to talk to, and still remains a great inspiration for me.